A close old friend who I have written songs with for years and years; Taz sings and I produce the music, we would broadly describe the music as soul.


Two mixtapes written and produced with Kwes. (2009, 2012)

Brother May

Another close old friend who I have been making music for, Brother May is a rapper.

Babyfather (with Dean Blunt)    

hyper dub link

Wiki and Sporting Life (Ratking)     

Micachu & The Shapes 

Is a group that I’ve been part of since 2008 or 9 singing and playing guitar. We have released four albums (including a live album collaboration with the London Sinfonietta) with our first release on Accidental Records and the latter three on Rough Trade, and then travelled around the world playing them.

Mix tapes

Feeling romantic Feeling Ill Feeling Tropical
What’s The Time (with Tirzah)
Meat Batch (with Kwake Bass)
Kwesachu 1 and 2
Filthy Friends

Remixes including

Kate Tempest
Linkin Park
The XX
Roots Manuva